Welcome to the world of Siren / Forbidden Siren, the famous survival horror videogame series! This website is a pool of resources and links of all kinds of Siren-related things. I created this place to host my mirror of the long-lost official European websites and to share my love for the Siren franchise! Enjoy your stay and check back regularly for updates!

Siren / Forbidden Siren

Official Websites

!!! Exclusive: Mirror of the lost official European website !!!
Play our mirror of the interactive Forbidden Siren flash website! A selection of main characters invite you to their homes allowing you to find out more about their backstory and connection to the lost village of Hanuda! Enjoy a thrilling interactive experience with full voice acting by the original cast, and a couple jump scares!

The interactive website plays in a point-and-click style manner, guiding you through four main and one short final chapter. The whole campaign takes about 20-40 minutes to complete.

This is one of the best produced viral marketing website I've ever experienced for a game! It bears worthful information about the characters and preceding events of the game that cannot be found anywhere else! Unfortuately the website was taken offline 3 years after the game's relase, so I'm happy to share my copy with you!

Official Japanese Website
Official Korean Website

Official US Website
The US website has been taken down like the EU website, but it wasn't so fleshed out anyway. There was some kind of mini game with some awesome wallpapers as a reward though. You can download these from here!
Wallpaper 1 - Wallpaper 2 - Wallpaper 3

Viral Websites

Similar to the official EU website other sites were launched prior to the game release revealing more information about the village Hanuda and the game's characters. Links to these websites are also part of some ingame archive files.

Occult Land Collection
Urban Folklore Society

Siren 2 / Forbidden Siren 2

Official EU Website

Unfortunately I missed the chance to mirror the official EU site, and it cannot be recreated. The only thing that is left is what you can find on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine:
Partially working Mirror of the European Website (base structure is visible but most contents are broken)

I could save a couple of its download resources though:
Yamijima Research - Concept art, Photos and an Excel sheet containing infos about the island
Yamijima Photos - More Photos from the island

Official Japanese Website

The official Japanese website contains a flash minigame similar in design to the EU website of the original Forbidden Siren! It's called "Sleep Walker" and does not require Japanese language knowledge at all!
Official Japanese Website
Sleep Walker Flash Game

Unfortunately the menu of the main website is broken, I'll provide links to the subsites from here.
Menu Links: Top - Element - New Features - Characters - Material

Viral Websites

Shu Mikami Official Website
Yumemi Salon
Urban Folklore Society (2nd link)

Siren Blood Curse / Siren New Translation

Official Websites

Except for Japan no other region in the world received a full fledged information website for this game. Though the Japanese website is very cool and worth to be checked out.
Official Japanese Website
Blog by the developers on Famitsu

Viral Websites

Only one viral website was created for the game, providing background information for one of the game's characters. There was another website, which acted as a information website on the Hanyuda village. Prior to the game release video episodes where streamed over a couple of weeks. They showed a camera team entering the location of the village searching for evidence and paranormal activities. The videos cannot be seen anymore unfortunately.
Wright Rider
Hanyuda - Japanese Website

Play the Ingame Mini Games

In a traditional manner, a mini game gets unlocked after you found a certain archive item in the main game. Curiously, this mini game is stored as a normal HTML website, allowing also for access from your personal computer with a bit of cheating! What you need to do to achieve this is spoof your User-Agent ID to Mozilla/5.0 (PLAYSTATION 3; 3.42). This can be done e.g. with the User Agent Switcher extension for Mozilla Firefox!
This is the URL to the Mini Game Collection: Ultra Network King

Other Websites

Fan Websites / Communities

Forbidden Horror - Siren Fan Message Board (ask in the shoutbox for a sign up)
FFTranslations Siren section - Fan translations of the Japanese Siren Maniacs books. Terrific!
Siren on Hardcore Gaming 101 - Great article with information about all Siren games
Forbidden Siren Fan Site
Forbidden Siren Wiki
Forbidden Siren - Extensive Russian Fan Site
LPs by Egomaniac: Siren - Siren 2 - Siren: Blood Curse

Other interesting websites

Gunkanjima on Urban Exploration - Photos from the deserted island that heavily inspired Siren 2
Songs of Siren: Hitomi Shimizu music interview


I created this website from my passion with the Siren game series. I hope it will be continued someday!


2012-02-22: Site opened.
2012-02-29: Added Japanese Siren fansite link and music interview link.
2013-01-16: Tweaked the site a little and added Siren Blood Curse/NT mini games link. Notice: The original Siren is now available for PS3 on PSN in the U.S. (link)!
2013-08-05: Happy 10th Anniversary, Siren!!
2014-12-29: Added links to Siren Fan Translations and FS2 EU web archive.
jp-kjoja.com and Red Tsunami links removed (websites down) :(


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